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Create the perfect outdoor retreat with Keane Construction in Westport, MA - expert deck design and construction for your ultimate backyard oasis.


Leading Deck Contractor in Westport, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

Here in New England, the hot summer months are fleeting. That is why our deck contractor staff at, Keane Construction believe you should enjoy them while they last. When it comes to your search for patio and deck builders in the Westport, MA area, look no further than our professionals.

Our deck and patio builders have 20 years of experience and are familiar with the different types of materials you may want for your deck installation. So pick up the phone and schedule a consultation today to get a free estimate. After a job well done, you can light up the grill on your new deck and relax.

Deck Installation Cost

Our deck contractor team is ready to assess your property today. To properly estimate your cost, we will figure out your material needs and the style of deck you are looking for. We focus on the details so that your job gets completed just as you want it. Faulty deck installation can lead to unwanted pressure on your home’s walls and foundation. Don’t take a risk that your deck construction can cause permanent damage to your home, work with our team in the Westport, MA area. Here at Keane Construction, we respect our customers and their budgets, so we are straightforward and honest when it comes to deck installation costs. We also avoid zoning and building code mistakes that could cost you in fines down the road. Our company offers high-quality deck installation service from our licensed and insured contractors.

Our team focuses on the small details to save you from future stress. Because we take into account your home’s shape and style, we find innovative solutions that work for you. We take the mantra “Work Smarter, Not Harder” into each of our projects to save you time and money.

Deck Construction

The first step to proper deck construction is a strong plan. First, you need to make sure your deck installation is legal and safe. Our team knows building and zoning laws for every community near Westport, MA. Whether you need room for a pool or easy access to the yard for your pets, we have solutions for you. Our patio and deck builders in the region think critically to save you time and money. At Keane Construction, we believe in efficiency and respect for the customer’s service.

You deserve to have the outdoor experience in the comfort of your own backyard. The climate of New England can be fickle at times, but there are few things more inviting than relaxing in your own space. Our team has been completing deck and patio installations in the Westport, MA, area since 2004. We have the experience and up-to-date knowledge you need to make your deck construction project a success.