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Kitchen and Bath

Revitalize your home with Keane Construction's kitchen and bath remodeling in Westport, MA, blending elegance with functionality for spaces you'll love.


Dependable Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Westport, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

We know searching for the right kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor can be difficult. At Keane Construction, our team’s goal is to satisfy our client every step of the way. When it comes to your home, it should be set up the way you like it for your day to day life. To start your day, you prepare in your bathroom. Everyone deserves a modern bathroom to start the day on the right foot. Then there’s the kitchen, where your family comes together to grow and bond.

We believe your kitchen should be precisely suited to your needs. That’s why our kitchen and bath remodeling staff focuses on the details, so you can focus on the vision.

Kitchen Remodeling

There are a lot of reasons to consider remodeling your kitchen. Your house can increase in value by improving the design and style of your kitchen. Not to mention that a more efficient kitchen basically means a more efficient life. You can cook with your kids without them running into each other, or you can create a feast for your friends. Our kitchen and bath remodeling team has up-to-date knowledge of currently popular designs and styles. If you feel that your kitchen has an outdated look, investing in your home is a smart option. Upgrading your appliances can make your home more energy efficient as well, saving you money. Looking for “kitchen remodeling contractors?” Keane Construction is your go-to in the Newport area.

Bathroom Remodeling

Adding on a new bathroom, or updating your current bathroom is a fantastic investment for any homeowner. Additional bathrooms increase the value of a home and having more can simply make your life easier. Whether your family is growing or you have company over, that extra bathroom will be incredibly useful. If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling company near Westport, MA, give us a call for a consultation.